May Daga!!!

This year, we had rats at home twice already. The first one was the worst – we had 4 rats inside the unit, from the smallest to the biggest (though not as big as the ones in the street). For a week, we didn’t do anything until it climbed to the stairs and entered our room – 2 small ones. The following day, I bought this rat trap that uses strong adhesive. It worked! I saw the 2 passing the same route, laid the trap and in a span of 5m, the 2 rats got caught. I could still hear them squeeking for their lives. I didn’t kill them, but simply wrap them with the trap and threw them on the waste basket. The challenge was the other 2, bigger ones. They knew were the food was and kept on nibbling the bananas on top of the table. So I placed the trap with adhesive, and left it one night. The bananas were eaten again, and the trap was still there – apparently, the rats were too much for the trap. Some hair of the rats got stuck on the adhesive, so that must have hurt.

To make the story short, when we were in Balanga, Bataan, we dropped by the public markrt and bought mouse traps – yes, 2 of them. In two consecutive nights, they were caught easily. This time, they had to be put down – simply pouring boiling water!

The cost of the infestation – damaged stove/oven that cost me approx. 5k to repair. The rats damaged the insulation. Of course, several bananas as well included.

Huli ka!

We were wondering where it came from. Almost 10 years in Cambridge, it was the first rat infestation we experienced. Then it happened again recently – this time we knew where it came from. It seems the (kitchen) vent’s fan cover is damaged; it’s supposed to be closed when not running. It was big that it took off the cover of the fan on one incident. And the rat didn’t stay in the unit, it would come in around midnight or right after, then leave early in the morning. The mouse trap did its job again – this time, I was able to take a picture.

What about you, did you have the same incident? Ano po yung ginawa niy?

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Social Impact of Closure of CV Gate from non-Residents Parishioners

I could still remember when one of the residents instigated the closure of the gate separating the parish church from the condo compound. I know, because I was just ahead of my wife that Sunday night when I noticed her talking to another male resident who was raising his voice – apparently, he was complaining that church never allowed her wife to pass through the gate. To make the story short, that Sunday evening, there was even a PNP patrol car to ensure  that nobody passes through.

And I also attended one of the masses in which the officiating priest criticized the CV security for shutting off the non-residents from using the CV gate instead going through mid-town, which is longer and more expensive for commuters. From my understanding, the story was a tit-for-tat thingie that the only group that sufferred are those non-residents, which most likely went to another parish just to avoid this un-Christian event. 

Parking is always an issue during Sundays at St. Francis de Assisi parish. But not after the CV gate is completely closed due to security reasons (and bruised ego?).

And there was also the argument that why can’t the CV residents press the parish to simply open the gates, regardless  that CV security is stopping the non-residents to pass through – considering that the church was donated by the developer. This has been the assumption until one of the officating priests told the story when the parish started. Apparently, for a parish to exist, the catholic church set some standards, including a specific area for the church where it will be built. And it turned out, the Diocese of Antipolo owned the area occupied by the current parish and the parking building! For the parish to get started, because  it doesn’t have extra funds to construct the church, it sold the area where now the parking building stood! There goes the myth that the catholic church owes the CV developer, in turn the CV resident.

This picture is taken on Sunday. One cannot ignore the absence of a crowd compared before the gate is completely closed from non-CV residents.

As a long time resident of 10 years, it just makes me feel sad. I saw how the church community grew from its early days. It’s just disappointing that the effort of the first parish priest, Fr. Padilla, to bring the parishioners together into the St. Francis of the Assisi parish is getting eroded. I am not saying that we simply kiss and make up, this situation is most probably more complicated than that. But it doesn’t make it easier for me to see the disappointing social impact of the situation. People may downplay it – it’s just a gate – but I am sure that those series of decisions will have unintended consequences. 

Does this mean we are going to miss the high engagement rate of the parishioners during the Holy Week on 2019?

Hard to admit, but I would miss the noisy kids and teens sitting near the pulpit during Sunday afternoons (they simply loved this schedule). I realized, annoying they may be because it was hard to focus, they are part of the parish community. And now, I am not even sure if they are still going to our parish. 

The tarp that welcomes Fr. Jimmy Padilla to the St. Francis de Assisi parish. From the author’s perspective, he made a mark to ensure that the parish continues to grow. Sadly, his effort is getting eroded just because of a gate (#sarcasm).

I do hope clear minds prevail, and the CV security concerns can be addressed while negating the negative impact to the parish community as a whole.

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Impact of CV Closure Against Non-Resident Parishioners

After posting this article last October 2017, the gate opened again for non-residents going to church. However, this year, it’s permanently closed. And the impact can be observed since May when these pictures were taken by CV Resident.

You won’t see such scene during Sundays – normally, it’s chaotic wherein vehicles trying to getout of the church after the mass. But not in this case after CV closed the gate permanently.

After the gate is closed permanently, the no. of parishioners suddenly dropped during Sundays. The price of security…

During Sundays, you won’t see available parking slots in the parish. But you don’t have to worry nowadays, with the CV gates closed, you can pick your spot.

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Gym and Function Rooms are Under Renovation as of August 5

Apparently the gym will be available again to the residents by end of August. My wife and I are excited to try it out.

The gym equipment is just left on the centre to give way to the renovation activities. Noticeably the absence of those that can easily be carried out.

The part of the function room that is renovated. Are the sofas new? It doesn’t look familiar to me.

Tools and cables lying around, ready to be picked up if necessary.

The tubes might be part of the split type AC unit on the left. So it’s not just the interior, even the AC may be part of the project. If it’s, good for the residents.

I wonder how this will look like after the renovation? I think I should take a new set of photos to compare it with the next renovation.

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Dunkin’ Donuts, Angono

Dunkin’ Donuts in Angono is a fave place for the author for 2 reasons. One is that it was the only donuts he could afford back in high school and college – a cup of coffee or juice, 3 pieces of donuts (Nutty  Chocolate, Strawberry, and Blueberry). And I still remember the Dunkin branch along Session Road in Baguio – the author  would always walked from the Victory Liner terminal from the upper part of the said street. And the 2nd reason – outside the store is a place that simply looks like his hometown. Tricycles are everywhere, the old buildings similar to his hometown and people are simply spilling on the streets. 

The picture is taken in the morning, but the tricycles are already filling the street in front of the Angono branch of Dunkin Donuts.

That’s the author’s order waiting for the owner, while ate is taking care of other stuff in the store.

The author just stares on these establishments reminiscing his life back in his hometown. Thus, Dunkin’ Donuts Angono is his favorite stop during his morning bike rides.

The coffee, the donut, the view outside – just the perfect ingredient to get some rest after a long bike ride.

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Garbage Disposal Problem in Cambridge, circa Jun’16

Last June 2016, it was the first that I can remember wherein CV’s garbage were not collected for more than a couple of weeks or so. I wanted to compose an article about it, but decided not to because eventually the admin fixed it, after bearing the hellish smell of the dump. But I had the chance to take pictures of it. I would always tell my daughter that it’s only in the mind that she could control what she smells. But unlike the employees assigned nearby, my daugther could get away with such exercise. And I wouldn’t have remembered this plan until last week when the garbage wasn’t collected for almost a week. The guards assigned to the parking building was complaining of nauseating feeling and unbearable headache. 

This picture is taken today, June 8, 2018. It’s very rare that you see the garbage dump this clean and with no unbearable smell!

And why wouldn’t it give you a headache, if you have such garbage nearby, circa June 2016:

On June 2016, after two weeks of bearing the repugnant smell, the admin found a way to have the dump cleaned up. According from the grapevine, instead of getting a private company to collect it, it approached the local goverment and paid way cheaper than the usual.

ONE Cainta truck collecting CV’s garbage. circa Jun’16

On June 2016, this area doesn’t have a cover yet. It’s only late 2017 or 2018 that the admin starts covering this area when garbage is not collected. But the cover only hides the garbage, it doesn’t hide the stench!

On June 2016, for a week or two, the garbage is on plain sight for the residents to appreciate (I am being sarcastic). It’s only after a couple of weeks that the author sees this cover, but the smell prevails.

June 2016, what’s behind the curtain.

You be the judge!

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 Product Review – 7588 Speaker Bicycle Light

Lately I am back on the road again. And I am struggling with the lack of bycicle horn and also the battery of the LED lights won’t last longer than I’d like. And considering that I am biking longer distance nowadays, the risk of hitting somebody is high without the horn. Also, my current LED lamp do not have enough lumens to really light up the path infront of me. 
Near Cambridge Village, there’s a bike shop that popped out earlier this year or late last year, if I am not mistaken. And lately, due to wear and tear of my bikes, I decided to try it out. And A week ago, I remembered I didn’t have a bike horn yet so I asked. They offered me a LED lamp with bike horn connected to the former – it’s charged by USB. 

The buddies – horn and lamp together. For PHP350, it serves its purpose. The current lamp (blinker is more appropriate) costs more than HP200 depending on the store.

Last weekend, I left home at 5am to join a charity ride (my first) from Felix Ave. to Taytay, it was a 13km ride – a short one. But I have to ride my bike from CV to Felix Ave. So that’s the first time I used this product – a generic one that cost me PHP350. 

Good thing I have a longer handle bar that can take more accessories.

The lamp worked perfectly – for the first 30m I put it on Glare mode from CV to Felix Ave. It’s twice, or even three times, better than the original lamp I have, which is not a lamp really but more of a blinker (with options for red, blue and plain white light or blinking combination of the said colors). Then from 6am to 8am, from Cainta to Taytay, I used it as a blinker (Strobe mode) and the battery didn’t quit on me. 

According to the box, on a glare mode it will last 2.5 hours and 3.5 hours on strobe mode. So far, it works as expected. I wonder if it will work longer than what’s stated on the box.

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