CV Pool circa 2011

Pool are c2011 is almost deserted due to the low number of residents. One will be lucky to find 10 swimmers, including kids!

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Gossip Corner: PLDT Fiber

In the last few days, workers are cutting across the concrete drive way. And this afternoon, the guards on duty informed me that PLDR is laying fiber for faster DSL connection.

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Landers (Pasig) and their Coffee

To make the story short, I got my hyper acidity 15 years ago was due to excessive coffee intake (during my peak, I could take 26 short cups of coffee from Seattle).

Last year, I decided to buy a coffee grinder and a coffee maker (my second one). But I never have the enthusiasm to grind the beans, so my coffee maker just stayed in the shelf. Plus I got a French Press as a gift last December. Until we dropped by Landers last night, its newest branch in Pasig along C5, I took my coffee in the office.

This product is available from Landers Pasig.

Aside from the Dunkin Donuts coffee, the rest of their products are not exactly exciting. I still prefer S&R. But proximity does kill that preference. I have to admit though, mas sosyal ang Landers kaysa S&R.

Dunkin Donuts coffee reminds me of their coffee back in college – that’s the only brewed coffee I could afford. Furthermore, I am a frequent visitor of Baguio City. And I could still remember at the lowest end of Session Road where Dunkin Donuts ran for 24 hours. After getting off the Victory Liner bus, I would walk straight to the said branch and would have a couple of donuts (normally the filled ones) and a cup of brewed coffee. Thus, this is a natural pick for me once I saw it on the shelf.

Also, their customer service is kind of hit or miss thing. We waited for an hour for the membership to process – there’s no special lanes for PWD or senior citizens. But I cannot argue with my preggy wife though.

The shop closes at 9pm but those who are still inside can still shop and buy food from their fastfood.

Note: My wife paid for the membership for only Php400. From what I gathered this is discounted.

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Teens Attending Mass in St. Francis de Assissi Parish

Tonight, our family attended a 6pm mass. We normally stay on the left side of the church, there are fewer parishioners, and there’s also enough ventilation. In a few instances, teens would also stay on the same section and made a lot of annoying noise. But tonight is really the worst – ore than half of the pews were occupied by the teens and they were giggling, taking selfies, and simply having a loud chat.

I suspect that they are not from Cambridge – there’s just too many of them. From what I have observed, CV kids would normally be with their parents or not in a big group going to church. Again, I can be wrong.

One is obviously a couple – during the sign of peace, when I turned my back, the boy kissed the girl on the chick. And the group started teasing the boy to give the girl a kiss, apparently most of them missed the event. And I don’t think they are even older than 14 you.

Parishioners lining up for the communion.

My wife couldn’t take it, she told the teens behind us to minimize the noise. In fairness, they tried to keep the noise down. My daughter was also annoyed. I felt proud that my daughter didn’t agree on the teens’ behavior.

I could relate to the teens’ behavior,. When I was also a teen, we would talk a lot while attending a mass. But we knew we were going to fool around that we would always stay on the doorway to be sure not to disturb the parishioners. And you don’t want to be unruly in the church if you are growing up in the province – everyone knows everybody. I am sure my mom would find out.

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Cambridge Village (Cainta) Unit for Sale

3 bedroom 2 bath top floor 80 sqm loft-type unit. High ceiling 2nd floor with great unobstructed view of Central Park. Fully renovated unit furnished with couch, center table, built-in shoe cabinet, dining table, bedroom set and installed aircon on two BR. 1st floor room designed as dining but can easily convert back to a 3rd bedroom or an office. Rent to own or for sale by a motivated seller. Send email for more details!
Reason for selling: Owner is based overseas.
Disclaimer: The author is neither related to the seller nor will take responsibility on the accuracy of the this article. For additional information on buying real estate asset, visit HLURB’s website.
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Living Condition in Cambridge Village circa 2018

Six years ago I published a couple of articles about my experience living in Cambridge Village (Cainta). I grew up on a typical house/lot environment with large enough yard to play around. Thus, it was a shock to me how it goes with condo living. In any case,  I learned how to live and love Cambridge Village – it’s home now for me and my family.


I got more than a couple more of questions for updates on the condo in the last 6 years. So I decided to compose an updated one, complimenting the early ones.


In the last 6 years, the developer continued building more units; however, the population increase, in my opinion, was on the southern side; the northern side is also growing, but not as much. How do I know? Just look at the windows in the evening if they are lighted – you know if there’s a resident or still vacant. We were actually happy when across the street, a couple of units showed signs of life because it’s almost a decade that nobody lived there. The parking building also started opening up higher floors to accommodate more cars. And the price of a 40sqm loft unit sky rocketed; I believe it’s almost double now, cash basis.


So let’s start with parking. As I mentioned on my earlier, related article, it increases every year w/o really improvement in service. I decided to purchase my own parking place; I am paying 3k a month, plus 20+ annually for 4 years and I am on my 2nd year. Unlike those in the southern side, my unit is located nearby the parking building. Thus, most of the residents on the southern side would queue for a while to get an available slot (which I think is free). Just a reference why they won’t prefer the parking building – the club house is approx. 300m away. So now, you can imagine if you are living on those clusters farther than the club house – and imagine if it’s raining cats and dogs. I see the queue starts to build up early evening up to late at night; in a few instances, I saw a couple of cars around midnight waiting for their turn. How bad it is, I have no idea – I only have my own observation from afar.

This is the south side parking space. My daughter learned how to bike in this area. But this picture is taken around 2012. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to get your car parked here.

The traffic is just getting worse (what else is new!). When we moved here, I could still get a tricycle at 7am. And the temp tricycle terminal in the morning was near the Kabisig school; nowadays, CV residents would queue up on the driveway near the guard house at 6am! During school days until January, the traffic build up starts at 630am – the traffic is due to school crossing on Kabisig Elementary School, the Canary St. (access road to Midtown) and F. Legazpi bridge. Then traffic starts to build up again near the Ortigas bridge because tricycles are making a u-turn towards their terminal along floodway.

This picture is taken around 530 am. Back in 2008, we had to walk for 100m towards the police station. That’s where (in front of the hardware) tricycles back then would wait for their passengers. At 7am, you can still get a ride in 5m! c2015

Based on my experience, the jeeps plying the route of Ortigas-Cubao are always available anytime of the day. Most of the passengers are going to Makati, Taguig and Ortigas area. Thus, those making a commute to Eastwood would slow down until Ortigas Ave. There’s an alternate route – via A. Rodriguez and Calle Industria – a combination of short jeep ride and mostly tricycle rides. One hour, in my estimate is still needed to go to Eastwood during peak hours.

Seven years ago, around 7am the traffic going to Ortigas starts piling up after the Kabisig St. Motorcycles zipping thru the traffic are rare. Since 2 years ago, traffic reaches even farther than CV and it’s not even 7am yet! c2015

Going to Makati and Ortigas are different stories. Back in 2011, I would take FX at 530am and I will be in Ayala Ave. at 615am or 630am. I tried leaving at 545am, it took me 1.5 hours. And a couple of years ago I tried 530am and arrived 7am. Working in Ortigas is also a pain when commuting because one has to compete for seats with the students going to Manila area. I tried taking G-Liner several times and it’s so bad that you can simply stand w/o falling down, ika nga hindi makahulog karayom. But then again, there’s no place now in Metro Manila that’s not experiencing heavy traffic. Even the side roads are experiencing heavy traffic due to Google Map and Waze.

Note: CV transpo guide new residents or those simply curious of CV’s accessibility.

When we moved here on 2008, there were very few establishments. I think only Buryanik is the mini-store in the compound (it changed ownership once or twice already). Here are the available establishments inside CV:

  • there are 1 bakery that is open until late at night, though I also see them closed around 8pm
  • there’s a spa, Garden Scent, that offers home visit until 3am; it’s more expensive to have your massage on their shop than on the home visit
  • there’re 2 establishments that offer meals and coffee
  • there’s the barber shop, the cheapest that I know
  • 1 dental clinic
  • 1 tutorial school (I haven’t really checked if they are still open)
  • 3 mini-stores
  • several drinking water businesses
  • several dry cleaning shops


Also, the parish church just had its 2nd parish priest since it opened.  We normally attend the late afternoon mass, and I noticed that more and more parishioners are attending masses during the said period – a good sign. Sadly, due to security concerns, nobody can pass through our area going to the church. And even CV residents cannot pass through the church premises going to Poblacion through Midtwon.

Parishioners start to pour in for the 5pm mass on Palm Sunday 2018.

Security wise, I still hear pilferage of clothes in the drying area (normally around November/December period). Couples would still make scenes along the road yelling to each other at the top of their lungs. There are still altercation between guards and residents who run out of (free?) parking space. So far, I haven’t heard any violent crimes or robbery lately; but then again, I also don’t go out a lot.


The worst experience in the last several years is really about the recent billing. So nowadays, we are keeping our receipts.


Overall, there’s an increase in population within and outside Cambridge Village, which brings progress and the rest that comes with it. One can observe this on the shops along floodway, the cars plying the floodway route and also the no. of lighted CV units at night… And of course, the heavy traffic again…


Finally, for those who are planning to move in, take this article as a grain of salt. On one hand, my family calls this place home in the last 10 years and there’s no plan of moving out.

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Palm Sunday 2018

Parishioners about to enter the church. The author observed that most of them are from the floodway community.

Blessing of the palaspas.

Parishioners lining up for the Holy Communion. This is one of the few instances that the church is fully occupied. Some spilled over outside the church.

Some parishioners, especially the kids and their parents, start congregating around the priest. This is actually customary for this parish.

The 5pm Palm Sunday mass is SRO.

Everyone is preparing to leave the church at the end if the mass.

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