Sunset at Cafe Agusta (Antipolo City)


Sun about to hide in the clouds at 528pm.

The sun is covered by the clouds at 532pm.

The sun just stays 2-3m behind the clouds and start to come out at 534pm.

The sun is completely visible at 539pm

The sun is ready to rest for the evening at 540pm.

Well lit Metro Manila at 609pm.

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New Bridges in Manggahan Floodway?

This infra project will surely help the traffic in the area.

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Cafe Agusta, Antipolo City


The main counter.

If you are a coffee addict and looking for a new hang out outside Cainta/Pasig area, try Antipolo. In the last 2 years, I would normally stay at Café Esse,  just in front of Sumulong corner Maligman Road. I like their Capuccino better than the coffee chain from Seattle. On the latter part of 2017, I felt adventurous – I passed by this new coffee shop, Cafe Agusta, on my way to Pinto Art Museum. What makes it interesting is that it sits on a hill top. So I decided to try it out and has been going there ever since unless it’s still closed in the morning (I would stay in Cafe Esse instead).


Cappuccino coffee art.


I like the coffee, creamier than the others, but then I only order Capuccino and Latte. I also tried their cakes – blueberry cheesecake, carrot, sansrival – nothing special but it they do well along with their coffee.  Then Pulled Pork is ordinary, and quite oily as well; though the price is commensurate with the serving size.


The ambiance is more interesting with this wooden table.

The service was mediocre – sometimes, the crew is very attentive, but in few instances, they would stay on the corner or in the counter gossiping. Otherwise, they didn’t bother me.

And I almost forgot – they do have outlets for the laptops, which is one of the reasons why I keep on coming back.


The window blind protects the guests inside the cafe from the afternoon sun.

Avoid going there lunch time which I would normally do; and would leave before 4pm. The place is warm during lunch time (AC is not good enough during this time of the day) and it gets warmer in the early afternoon since it’s facing West. By 4pm, they start putting extra chairs/tables outside the veranda, facing the Manila Bay and the number of guests start to grow, preferring to stay alfresco. Late afternoon is the best time to watch the sun sets, while sipping your fave coffee.


The Western view from the courtyard.

Eastern view from the cafe – the dome of the Rizal capitol can be seen at the middle while the Sierra Madre mountains are visible from afar.

They are open from 11am to 1am the next day.


Kuya is checking the chairs and the tables for the afternoon guests.

Kuya is putting up the additional chairs and tables for the afternoon guests.


Enough power outlets are available for the guests.



There’s also a spa that the author is yet to try.

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Fixing Your Condo Bills

Happy New Year, dear CV Residents!

Last September, I wrote about my experience in dealing with condo bills. y wife was pissed and was trying to avoid dropping by the office, at baka kung ano pa ang masabi niya. She’s the one who pays the condo bills, thus, the reaction. Our kasambahay also attended the homeowners meeting last November and described the frustrations of the residents; it’s so sad that majority of the board members didn’t show up.

Last month, we already received a notice from the admin if we didn’t pay our 5-figure association. I decided to give the admin a visit, just to dive into the issue itself.

Though, I got my number, I went straight beyond the collection desk and looked for the manager (she was late on that day). I found a lady who entertained me, but was obviously anxious if I would throw a tantrum. To make the story short, two ladies settled my bills – I still had to pay for it – and turned out that it was lower than what the bill says. For my water bill, it was reduced down to PHP200+, while the electric bill was reduced by 50% and the association dues was reduced by a couple of thousand. Interestingly, there’s one unit owner who mentioned that his arrears is PHP30K!

Unfortunately, during the 1 hour of stay in the admin office, one of the ladies were defensive and was trying to explain why the inaccuracy on the bills. The problem is, their calculation of billing is outdated by more than 3 months in my estimate; and she admitted that there’s a problem with billing process due to its timeliness, though she wouldn’t admit that my observation is correct. In fairness to the 2 ladies, they are quite helpful and polite. Though one of them admitted that they would get a tongue lashing from some of the unit owners for inaccurate bill.

I wanted to talk to the property head, but failed to meet her. She was out of her office and I already stayed in the admin for almost an hour. It seems that each cluster has a assigned manager to take care of the complaints.

For those who have complaints, I suggest that you avoid losing your cool (it’s difficult, right?) – the employees are willing to help.

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Vehicle Accident on January 2

It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to take a picture of the vehicle accident on January 2. I was going to pick up my daughter and my nephew when on my way in, I saw this Toyota Innova that struck a Honda (can’t remember if City or Civic); and when I was driving out, I noticed that there was a Jollibee delivery motorcycle pinned down in between the 2 cars. What’s strange about this is that as if the Innova was driving very fast from the guard house.

I don’t know if somebody got hurt, but there was an ambulance that arrived while picking up my daughter. It’s more interesting, there was no police that came in (perhaps later, I am not sure).

The last time I heard about an accident inside the compound was when a kid got hit by a car emerging from the blind corner of Cluster 7. And this was years ago.

Stay safe, peeps!

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No More Passing Through St. Francis de Assisi

During the 5pm mass today, the officiating priest announced that both residents from Midtown and Cambridge won’t be allowed to pass through the gates of St. Francis de Assisi parish.

According to the priest, the decision was made as early as August 4, but it’s only on October 9 that it will start. And this is to be fair for both parties, added by the priest.

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Apistar Bicycle Center (Cainta)

It’s been a year since I started biking again. It was my wife who decided to buy the bikes for the whole family. Eventually I would bike to the office and back; and over the weekend, I would bike a short distance around Pasig/Cainta area.

And lately I have to maintain my bike from time to time. I tried the bike shop along Ortigas,  beside Sandugo in Brgy. Rosario. But it’s a busy place. I also found this bike shop (I can’t remember the name) in Cainta. But they only have 1 mechanic and accessories are few. It’s a small one really.

Then while biking around Cainta, I found Apistar Bicycle Center along A. Bonifacio Ave. It’s just approx. 1.5km away from us (via Midtown), and they have good mechanics and more available parts and accessories. The price is reasonable, too.

Apistar is located along A. Bonifacio, approx. 200m away from the town hall.

Kuya is putting together a classic road bike. Last time I saw such model was 30 years ago!

Kuya of Apistar fixing the alignment of my bike’s rim.

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